How to Use Decanter Cleaning Beads

How to Use Decanter Cleaning Beads

Wine aficionados are no stranger to the struggle of hand-cleaning delicate glassware and odd-shaped drink accessories. But wine and whiskey decanters—often both fragile and intricately designed—inspire a whole new level of difficulty.

Depending on the shape and material of your decanter, you may have one or a few different options for sanitizing your glassware. But the household dishrag isn’t one of them! In our online shop, you’ll find decanter cleaning accessories ranging from brushes and dryers, to stands and specialty liquids. 

Our favorite by far are our Wine Enthusiast Decanter Cleaning Beads. See them in action in the video below!

These are our Wine Enthusiast decanter cleaning beads. They’re little “beadies”, and they’re the perfect thing for cleaning stains out of really badly stained decanters. Here’s a decanter that’s

obviously very badly stained. So, we pour the beads in, and we add just a little bit of warm water and then you swirl. And as the beads roll around on the inside of the decanter, they take that stain off with them. So now, after a minute or so of swirling the beads around—depending on how dirty your decanter is, you’ll have to do it for a longer or shorter period of time—you see that the stains are removed. So, then to get the beads out, you’re going to drain off some of the water… and you get a funnel with a screen… and you just pour the beads into the screen, and you’re done.

Decanter beads are specially designed to be gentle on delicate decanters, and tough on dirt and grime; eroding years of buildup without leaving a scratch. These high-grade steel pellets are a simple cleaning solution that can be reused over and over again. 

If you have any questions about our Decanter Beads or any other cleaning products, our Wine Enthusiast experts are glad to assist by phone, email or online chat!

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