The Benefits of the Coupe Glass

The Benefits of the Coupe Glass

Coupe glasses are not new to the scene but are a classic example of the modern style meeting vintage design. This glassware is a stemmed, tulip-shaped bowl on a long stem. It has been around since the 17th century but fell out of the spotlight for some time. More recently, with old-fashioned styles and trends on the rise, coupe glasses have made a comeback for cocktails or spirits alike. Not only do they make a fantastic presentation for any beverage, they are as practical as they are fashionable. The coupe glass serves several functions and will be a welcome addition to your next dinner party or wine event.

Coupe Glass History

It has been suggested that coupe glasses were invented back in 1663 for King Louis the XIV. However, coupe glasses didn’t gain as much popularity until the 20th century as they were difficult to mass-produce. Then, around 1934, Libbey began distributing coupe glasses in America, thanks to a German glassblower bringing it even more into the public eye. Soon many manufacturers caught on making the coupe glass as popular as it is versatile.

Their popularity slightly declined in the 1960s, losing much of the 20s and 30s’ early momentum until their recent comeback. The martini glass temporarily replaced them, but the straight, narrow sides make the martini glass extremely unsteady and fragile. The martini glass, although chic, was missing the retro appeal. Along with the speakeasy craze and “Gatsby” themed events on the rise, coupe glasses have once again emerged back onto the scene as the stable, fashionable front-runner. The more durable shape helps mitigate spilled drinks and broken glasses and brings an old-fashioned touch to the dining scene.

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A coupe glass has a unique, curved shape like no other. It is often used for both spirits and cocktails alike, and it is recommended that the coupe glass hold about 5.5 ounces of liquid. Anything more will spill over the top or not allow you to swirl around the drink around in your glass.  It’s meant to be held by the stem, which prevents your hand from warming your beverage too quickly. Your drink will stay colder longer without direct hand-to-glass heat transfer, perfect for your favorite whiskeys or chilled cocktails. Enjoy your chilled beverages for much longer, the way they are meant to be enjoyed.

Coupe Cocktail Glass Uses

Although coupe glasses are commonly used for champagnes and sparkling wines, the glasses don’t always do the spirits justice. It isn’t recommended for carbonated drinks unless you plan on toasting or just using a small, tasting amount. The shorter cut-off bowl allows the bubbles to escape much quicker than a traditional champagne flute, leaving you with a flat drink. Reserve these fashionable glasses for cocktails or seasonal sangrias. The wide bowl allows the bartender plenty of room to mix without spilling and gives you plenty of room for fruit and garnishes. They even let you swirl your drink, keeping it mixed throughout the night.

Coupe Wine Glasses Keeps Things Fancy

Coupe glasses are the epitome of style and class. They make a fantastic presentation for any liquor or wine, which is why they are popular for wedding receptions. If you’re having an event with a vintage theme, coupe glasses can be the added touch your table needs. This glassware adds a distinction of luxury but is also more practical for dinner parties or wine-tasting events. Coupe glasses were the serving glasses of choice during prohibition in many speakeasies. For this reason, they are an exceptional example of retro design and make any vaudeville-esque or classical event even more authentic. 

These glasses are trendy in an outdoor setting as well. They are more durable than most glassware and much less top-heavy, making them less prone to spills or breaking at your outdoor event. Not to mention the wide mouth makes them a convenient glass option for sangria, making them summer and fall-appropriate wine glasses. Coupe wine glasses are the perfect size glassware to hold fruit as well as your drink of choice, making them ideal for seasonal sangrias. Incorporate coupe wine glasses into your next wine-themed party for an elegant and practical touch. 

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The elegant coupe glass is the perfect serving companion for cocktails, mixed liqueurs, cordials or even wine. Add a layer of sophistication and vintage flair to any special event with one of our coupe glasses today.

The Perfect Blend of Retro and Modern

The coupe glass remains popular today because of its classic look that fits any modern-day style or theme. It’s also an economical choice when entertaining guests; one class of wineglass does the trick for every drink in the bar. So, whether you are using coupe glasses at a wedding reception, New Year’s Eve party or just as barware for your wines and cocktails, the nostalgic look will not disappoint your guests. Wine Enthusiast has the latest bar trends to showcase your wine collection or give your mixed drinks a festive flair.