Wine Glass Cleaning Tools and Tips

Wine Glass Cleaning Tools and Tips

If you’re planning your next dinner party or wine tasting, don’t let your glassware add unnecessary stress to the itinerary. We all know the prep work and cleanup are two of the most daunting and laborious tasks of party planning. Washing dishes, especially delicate glassware doesn’t have to be looming over you after every gathering. Once the wine has stopped flowing and the last of the guests are gone, consider some of these wine glass cleaning tools to make cleanup quicker.

Delicate Wine Glass Cleaning Tips

The thinner the rim on the glass, the more your wine glass has to offer. Thin wine glasses allow the complexity of the wine’s flavors to come through but don’t be overly cautious about your dishwasher. Many modern-day wine glasses are dishwasher safe and will save you the time when cleaning up. However, if you have older glassware or have something more fragile, exercise a bit more care and resort to the sink. When in doubt, resort to handwashing if you are unsure of the durability of your glassware. A quick shine with a microfiber cloth either out of the dishwasher or off the drying rack will give your wine glass a presentable shine.

How to Clean Cloudy Wine Glasses 

If you accidentally left the dishes out for a few hours or even overnight, don’t panic. Wine stains will come out with the right combination of cleaning solution and elbow grease. Also to jumpstart your cleaning process, consider a wine stain remover spray for those stubborn stains that have set into your glassware or even your fabrics. This can get rid of that film that has built up on the glassware. Don’t be afraid of overusing your glasses. The right cleaning supplies can get your glassware sparkling like new. 

wine glass cleaner

After your wine glasses have been cleaned, give them a quick wipe with a microfiber towel. These towels are made to buff away watermarks without leaving any lint or fuzz behind. They give your wine glass a slight polish, making them crystal clear and ready for serving. 

Don’t Forget a Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

Sometimes you need a good scrubbing to break up the film or dried residue that wines can leave behind. Get a good lather and scrub with a wine glass cleaning brush to deep clean your glassware and make it like new. Especially handy in a restaurant or event center setting, this cleaning brush can help you thoroughly clean several white or red wine glasses in no time at all. Get a deep clean for each wine glass without getting chapped hands or breaking any rims. The brush’s fabric gets into the harder-to-reach areas that typically our hands cannot get to. Invigorate your wine glasses with that “brand new” sheen and ensure all of your glassware has been “deep cleaned.”

wine glass brush

Cleaning Wine Glasses with Vinegar

Many of us already have everything in our kitchen and bar to do a deep cleaning of our wine glasses. For the old-fashioned home remedy, try using white vinegar to keep your glassware sparkling. Simply fill a sink or container with equal amounts of water and white vinegar. Make sure all of your glasses are submerged in the solution and allow them to soak for at least a half an hour. Take a glass out and rinse with warm water. If the cloudiness remains, return to the vinegar solution to soak for another 30 minutes. Individually rinse all the glassware with warm water and dry with a clean towel. 

Wine Glass Cleaning Tools

No wine collection, bar or kitchen should be without proper cleaning tools. From brushes to automatic polishers and even cleaning solutions, Wine Enthusiast is dedicated to keeping your collection clean. Make sure your glassware is sparkling for your next wine tasting or dinner party. Our wine glass cleaning tools will do the hard work for you and ensure everything looks pristine. 

Wine Glass Cleaner

You’ll want to use a delicate yet effective cleaner to clean the lightest and thinnest glasses. Add a little wine glass cleaning solution to your next load of glassware. Do more than clean your wine glasses and carafes, purify them. Your glassware will remain streak-free and look flawless for many parties to come.

Glassware Cleaning Complete 5-Piece Set

There’s a glass for every type of wine or liquor. And now there’s a brush to clean it. Whether you have a rounded red wine glass or a skinny champagne flute, this set of glassware brushes will let you get to the bottom of any glass to clean up any residue that might get left behind. Whatever shape of glass you have, this brush set will see that it remains spotless. 

 Decanter Cleaning Beads

wine decanter cleaning beads

Whiskey or wine decanters add a touch of sophistication to any room. They hold your favorite spirits and add some functional décor to your dining room, kitchen or bar. However, with the abstract and intricate design, it can seem almost impossible to clean them. No rag or brush could ever fit into the openings of some glass decanters and others may have twists and turns to prevent anything from reaching the base. 

By using decanter cleaning beads, you can clean the entire vessel with ease. Just pour a bit of water in and the beads as well. Swirl the beads around the decanter’s bottom and the friction of the beads will scrub your glass clean and carry the stains away with them.

Cleanup Doesn’t Have to Take Hours

Whether you have fragile, artsy, stained or narrow glassware, Wine Enthusiast can help you clean all of it. Let your glasses dazzle your guests and set the ambiance of the event. Keep your wine glasses and barware looking sleek, sophisticated and inviting without breaking your back to get the job done.