Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

This year, retire the tie and put down the belt. A gift for dad should be just as special and unique as he is. Why not give him something that shows him how you truly see him? Sophisticated, loving and loyal, appeal to dad’s tastes this Father’s Day. 

Picking out the perfect Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to ensue panic. Remind dad how much you love him with some of his favorite things. Pick out the best whiskey glasses to go with a stylish decanter for his favorite liquor. These are especially fashionable if you have a study or man cave that you are hoping to spruce up. Keep these next to your favorite chair or on the coffee table for convenience. They complement many room decors and offer a mature accent to any room.

Best Gifts for Fathers Day

If your dad isn’t a whiskey, scotch or bourbon fan, Wine Enthusiast offers an extensive selection of wine glasses that may pique his interest. We have wine glasses and other stemware suitable for any celebration, candlelit dinner or even a casual Friday night on the patio. Find just the right stem – be it slinky or stout. From Bordeaux to Claret, you’ll find every shape and type of glass you’ll need for a proper tasting. Be sure to include white and red wine glasses at your next festive get- together. Even add a chic wine glass set for the deck and enjoy out in the wilds of the backyard. A fantastic way to salute your dad’s good taste and help him feel cherished.

Single Barrel Whiskey Coaster and Ashtray

Single Barrel Whiskey Coaster and Ashtray

What pairs better with a whiskey than a full-bodied cigar? Bring out the leathery and tobacco notes of your single barrel whiskey and keep your cigar handy. With this single barrel whiskey coaster and ashtray, you can enjoy a drink and a smoke with the same gift. This stylish tray is the perfect accent piece for any end table or mini bar in your home. Enjoy with your favorite snifter glass or browse Wine Enthusiast for a selection of some of the best whiskey glasses to add to your Father’s Day gift.

Personalized Shield Pint Glasses (Set of 4)

Personalized Shield Pint Glasses Set

To bring out the best in your brews, including the aesthetics, consider a set of custom pint glasses for dad. These personalized pint glasses will be a welcome addition to his bar collection. This stylish set of four 16 oz. pint glasses will give your favorite ales and porters a much more cultured feel. Make this gift especially for him by getting it engraved. Etched pint glasses are a trendy way to personalize your Father’s Day gift and really make it special.

Personalized Amsterdam Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

Amsterdam Whiskey Decanter & Glasses Set

For the bourbon fan, or the lovers of fine scotch, surprise dad with this Amsterdam whiskey decanter set. Sophisticated and unique, the glassware set is customizable if you wish to add an initial or family name to the glass for a classy touch. This personalized whiskey decanter features a heavy sham and stopper. It is a must-have for any whiskey connoisseur and completes any wet bar.

Authentic Bourbon Barrel Cigar Humidor with Personalized Etching

Bourbon Barrel Cigar Humidor

What pairs better with a fine whiskey than your favorite cigar? This bourbon barrel cigar humidor will hold all your favorite cigars and keep them at the proper humidity level to stay as fresh as possible. This cigar humidor is made with spirit-soaked wood, so it’s not only aesthetically appealing, it will help keep your cigars fresh and infused with flavor. Perfect for the Maker’s Mark or Jack Daniel’s fan in your life.

Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Chess Set

Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Chess Set

If you’re thinking outside the box for a Father’s Day gift, a reclaimed bourbon barrel chest set is the best of both worlds. Keeping with dad’s bourbon tastes, this unique chest set will complement a library or office space, while still giving the space a classic or rustic feel. This bourbon barrel chest set is hand-crafted from actual bourbon barrelheads. It comes with a full set of matching wooden chess pieces.

Whatever your dad is into, these Father’s Day gifts will show him how much he means and also what great taste he has. Wine Enthusiast offers stylish and sophisticated gifts that will not only make dad’s day but will show off his style too. Whether he is into fancy wine or you’ve been searching for the best whiskey glasses for him, there is a variety to choose from. Celebrate this Father’s Day in style.