Featured Product: Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table & Stool Set

Featured Product: Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table & Stool Set

As companies go, we’ve been around a long time (since 1979!)—and in that time, our team has enjoyed front row seats to various fads and trends within the wine industry. Some spark and sputter out quickly; some grow exponentially and explode on a national or even global scale. But wine barrel furniture is one of those styles that quietly and consistently attracts wine lovers year after year. 

Take our Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table: It’s been a best-seller in our Wine Furniture collection for the better part of a decade now. And with over 40 5-star reviews, it’s no secret why!

If you’re searching for a unique pub set, our whiskey-finished table and stool combo is sure to be a strong contender. See it up close in the video below:

Hi, I’m Marshall Tilden with The Wine Enthusiast, and today we’re looking at our Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table. Now, this rustic and attractive Bistro table is actually crafted from retired oak barrels. They’ve put a pine table top here, right at cafe height, making it perfect for dining or even just casual sipping. They’ve also added a really convenient and spacious storage compartment at the bottom that you can put a lock on. This is perfect if you want to store some glassware, tableware, spirits bottles, even wine bottles down here. And they’ve also added at the bottom, this traditional bar rail which makes it real comfortable to sit down and rest your feet on. 

In our online customer reviews, it’s just amazing how versatile this product really is—people put it in their wine cellars (like here), their bars, their dining rooms, their living rooms… It really makes an attractive piece almost anywhere in the home. It also can be purchased with these two vintage Oak Barrel stools, also crafted from retired oak barrels, and these have the leather tops on them. They’re available online for a real good package deal. 

Most importantly, this is all made in the US. It’s made using earth-friendly production, so it’s a real eco-friendly product as well. If you have any questions on the Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table, or any of our products, just give us a call at 800-356-8466. Cheers!

The Wine Enthusiast Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table & Bar Stools set is available at our online store—click the product link for more details. There’s a good chance you’ll find it on sale!

From his first sips of wicker basket Chianti at his grandfather’s dinner table to a 1986 Premier Cru Gevrey-Chambertin, Tilden knew that there was something magical about wine. He earned his Diploma in Wine and Spirits from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and is a Certified Specialist of Wine with the Society of Wine Educators. Having been with Wine Enthusiast catalog since 2005, when he is not writing about wine he also runs the wine storage division and is head of W.E.’s in-house education program.