Best Wine Aerators in 2022

Best Wine Aerators in 2022

Wine tasting is a science that is constantly evolving and changing shape as we know it. Learning about tannins, oxidation and aroma, it can certainly get overwhelming staying on top of all of the verbiage and industry guidelines. After all, it is a very delicate spirit, with many facets to examine. With its complexities, it is crucial to handle this libation with care. 

One thing that has remained constant over the years is that wine, like anything else, has to breathe. When a wine is exposed to oxygen, it can “open up” and unlock the aromas contained within the bottle. Letting the wine breathe or aerating it softens the tannins and allows the spirit to fully reach its flavor potential. With bottling, aging and corking, many factors can alter the taste of fine wine. Aerating it will accelerate the oxygenation process and wake up the flavor of the grape, allowing you to wholly taste a full-bodied white or red wine. 

Wine aerators are especially vital at wine tastings. Wine needs ample time to breathe, and when it’s adequately aerated, it is easier to taste notes and other flavor hints that open on the palate. Bring your favorite wine aerator to your next wine tasting event and get the most out of your favorite wines. Experience your favorite brands the way they were meant to be tasted. 

Wine Enthusiast Aerating Funnel with Removable Screen and Stand

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The Wine Enthusiast aerating funnel is the most basic aerator and will fit virtually in any decanter or bottle of wine. This aeration set comes with a stand to store in-between uses and a screen to filter out sediment that may have accumulated while aging or from cork particles. This will also avoid clogging up any of the aeration holes. 

The wide bowl opening ensures that you can easily pour from either a bottle or decanter and not have to worry about spilling over the edge. This aeration funnel won’t tarnish or discolor as it’s constructed from stainless steel. It is compact enough to take with you to your next dinner party or wine tasting and brings a level of sophistication to each glass.

Vine by Wine Enthusiast Aerator Pourer

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The Vine by Wine Enthusiast aerator pourer is another wine tool you can easily transport to your next wine night. Pour like a sommelier with this aerator pourer, as the unique-shaped opening keeps you drip-free. The Vine aerator attaches to any uncorked bottle and instantly oxygenates your wine as it’s poured directly into your glass. Eliminate the middle-man stage of pouring it into a decanter or holding a bulky aerator while at the bar. This portable aerator can travel from bottle to bottle without taking up an extra hand, and with a quick flush of water, you can even change bottles. Make Vine a staple in your wine accessories with this wine aerator.

iSommelier Smart Decanter with Bonus Single Glass Carafe

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Probably the most sophisticated of the wine aerators is the iSommelier Smart Decanter. This smart wine aerator will forever change the way you serve your favorite wines. It can unlock a whole new side to your wine in a matter of minutes. The cutting-edge technology to turn lengthy decants into a quick and easy task.

The iSommelier is an electric wine aerator that will transform how your wine tastes. When wine is exposed to oxygen, it releases its aromas and embraces its full flavor palate. The trouble is that this can take an excruciating amount of time, depending on the wine blend. With the iSommelier, wine savants can precisely dial in the aeration needed, and the aeration starts immediately. Concentrated oxygen infuses your wine right through the glass carafe, using a molecular air filtration system, aerating it in a fraction of the time.

The aeration system uses no chemicals and delivers the exact amount of purified oxygen needed to awaken the wine, allowing it to reach its prime tasting level. As a result, you’ll notice notes and flavor hints in all of your favorite wines that you may have missed before. It’s also the perfect solution if you don’t want to decant the whole bottle and need just a few glasses to serve. Whether you prefer white or red wines, this smart wine aerator knows exactly what oxygenation levels your wine requires.

Aveine Smart Wine Aerator

Technology truly has changed the wine industry. The Aveine Smart wine aerator gives wine connoisseurs professional-level tools with the push of a button. Aveine infuses the wine with ambient air as it passes through the aerator into the glass using micro-oxygenation technology. Instantly decant your favorite wines as you pour. It can then reproduce consistent level aeration as if the bottle had been open for hours. Get expertly aerated wine right without opening all your bottles and save time setting up. Aveine will also let you conserve your wine as it only aerates what you pour, so there is no more wasted wine. Keep everything you didn’t use sealed for the next gathering. This electric wine aerator will change the way you host and the way you enjoy some of your favorite blends.

Let Your Wine Breathe

Although aeration isn’t an extremely new concept to serving wine, it’s lately become more and more accessible. With these wine tools, you can get quick results and taste like the experts do. Try a wine aerator or even a decanter set to help open up your wine and allow it to breathe efficiently. Even guests will notice the subtle hints and aromas that may have been hiding in some of their favorite bottles.