Our Best Wine Glasses of 2023, According to Pros and Reviews

Our Best Wine Glasses of 2023, According to Pros and Reviews

At first glance, selecting proper glassware may seem like a daunting task, given all of the different types of wine glasses on the market. And while you might have a favorite mug, stein or goblet for other beverages, wine deserves specific glasses that will enhance your tasting experience. 

Whether you enjoy sipping from a handblown glass, prefer the convenience of a short-stem wine glass, or need a set for entertaining, the options are plentiful. To help you choose the glass that best suits your taste and needs, we’ve rounded up the top eight wine glasses used and reviewed by our customers and wine pros.  

Best Red Wine Glass for Full-Bodied Reds 

Aria Cabernet Sauvignon Handblown Wine Glasses  

Wine Enthusiast break-resistant fusion air bordeaux wine glass - best red wine glass for full-bodied reds

Light, durable, and incredibly thin, the large bowl on this glass offers a decanting effect for big, bold red wines like Merlot and Cabernet. Josh Farrell, the Wine Director of Wine Express, uses the Aria Cabernet wine glass for his video tastings and says it’s his go-to glass, no matter what wine he’s drinking.  

 “Light as air, the ample size is ideal for letting the wine open up and express itself,” says Farrell. He’s not alone. Customers also regularly give this glass five-star reviews, commenting on its lightweight feel and versatility. 

Material: Fine lead-free crystal  

Capacity: 29 oz. 

Top Perks: Extremely lightweight, versatility  

Price at time of publish: $35

Best Pinot Noir Glass  

Somm Pinot Noir Handblown Wine Glasses 

Zenology Somm pinot noir wine glass available at Wine Enthusiast - best pinot noir glass

Handblown by 15 master glassmakers, the finely tuned design and attractive price point of these wine glasses have made them a top pick for shoppers and sommeliers alike. Anna Christina Cabrales, Tasting Director at Wine Enthusiast magazine, uses them exclusively for her Rhone and Burgundy tastings.  

“The flared lip and bowl help coax delicate non-fruit and floral nuances in young Burgundy,” she shared. Customers also repeatedly give it five stars for its luxurious design and wine-enhancing ability. Suitable for Pinot Noirs and oaked Chardonnays, it offers a high-end tasting experience at an accessible price. 

Material: Fine lead-free crystal  

Capacity: 27.4 oz. 

Top Perks: Fine tasting experience at a great price point  

Price at time of publish: $40

Best Universal Wine Glass  

Wine Enthusiast Fleur Handblown Universal Wine Glasses 

Wine Enthusiast Fleur handblown universal wine glass - best universal wine glass

If you’re looking for a unique wine glass for every occasion and varietal, consider the Wine Enthusiast Fleur Universal. Their distinctive shape, dimpled bottoms and large swirl-enhancing bowls elevate the flavors and aromas of any wine, from Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio to Bordeaux and Cabernet. Customers are especially drawn to its fashionable design, sharing in reviews that they are “beautifully proportioned” and “great for formal dinners,” while others also comment they “enhance the experience of drinking fine wines” and “make all wines taste better.”  

Material: Fine lead-free crystal  

Capacity: 17.6  oz. 

Top Perks: Unique design suitable for all occasions 

Price at time of publish: $70 (Set of 2) 

Best Short Stem Wine Glasses  

Fusion Air Short Stem Taste Wine Glasses 

Wine enthusiast fusion air break-resistant short stem taste wine glasses - best short stem wine glass

This handblown short stem wine glass is the official tasting glass for Wine Enthusiast magazine’s tasting panel and is loved by customers and wine pros for its easy elegant use, versatility and dishwasher-friendly size. Handblown from crystal glass with a universal bowl and a stable flat foot – its airy feel and thin walls deliver a more luxurious feel to the casual drinking experience. “I love the Fusion Air wine glasses,’ says Marshall Tilden, III, DWS, CSW, Director of Education at Wine Enthusiast and head of Wine Enthusiast Academy, who uses them for most whites and reds and all the WSET tastings he does from home. “I can store these glasses so easily in my cabinets and because they are low to the table, it makes them a lot harder to accidentally knock over and break,” he adds.  

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Material: Fine lead-free crystal  

Capacity: 16 oz. 

Top Perks: Versatile, easy to use and care for, fits easily in the dishwasher 

Price at time of publish: $59.95 (Set of 4) 

Best Large Wine Glass  

Wine Enthusiast Pirouette Break-Resistant Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Edition 740ml XL Wine Glass 

wine enthusiast pirouette xl cabernet sauvignon machine-made glass - best large wine glass

If you’re looking for an elegant wine glass with a more confident feel and modern look, consider the break-resistant Pirouette XL.  It’s machine-blown to mimic the look and feel of fine handblown glassware and boasts a notably tall V-shaped bowl that allows the aromas and flavors of full-bodied wines to shine. 

Die-hard Cabernet fans enjoy the generously sized bowl and fine, cold-cut rim—fitting for patio wine downs or pairing with your favorite grilled steak or cheese board. Stunning on the table or in your hand, one online shopper commented, “They carry a beautiful tone,” regarding the crystal-like chime these glasses make when pinged.”  

Material: Fine lead-free crystal  

Capacity: 740 ml 

Top Perks: Break- and scratch-resistant, elegantly tall bowl 

Price at time of publish: $25 each 

Best Personalized Wine Glasses for Gifting 

Personalized Somm Cabernet Sauvignon Handblown Wine Glass (Set of 2) 

Personalized Zenology Somm Cabernet Sauvignon Handblown wine glass set - best personalized wine glasses for gifting

Praised for their beautiful personalization and wine-enhancing experience, these wine glasses are recommended by customers as a “great gift for any wine lover.” The fine thin walls of the bowl are meticulously personalized by hand using the sandblast etching technique, resulting in an exquisite one-of-a-kind wine gift. Available in Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Universal varietals, ZENOLOGY SOMM wine glasses are handblown in Europe with wide swirl-enhancing bowls and a thin flared lip that delivers fresher, more defined notes to the palate. According to one shopper, Jodi, “the personalization is beautiful…. the wine experience is better.”    

Material: Fine lead-free crystal 

Capacity: 22 oz. 

Top Perks: Unique gift, sandblast-etched personalization  

Price at time of publish: $120 (Set of 2) 

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