Glassware Glossary – Wine Glasses & Other Barware

Glassware Glossary – Wine Glasses & Other Barware
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Some of the best gifts you can offer your loved ones this holiday season are ones that expand their bar collection. Whether it is a classy set of wine glasses or a stylish wine decanter, glassware is a gift that encourages togetherness. For the wine and liquor savants in your life, barware is a gift that keeps on giving. It is practical, sophisticated and you can never have enough glasses to show off your spirits. From the casual wine drinker to the most accomplished connoisseurs, we provide a wide selection of wine glass or liquor glass options that are sure to meet your needs. You will find tumblers, coupe glasses and brandy snifters among these offerings.

There is a glass available for every kind of wine, liquor and beer out there. So naturally, you’ll want to have the appropriate glassware to show off the unique flavors in your collection. Having a well-stocked bar or wine cellar is essential, but other facets are involved- like presentation. Whether you’re enjoying wine, whiskey or brandy, rest assured that there is probably a glass for that. Consider some of these stunning glass options for a memorable gift this holiday season.

Riedel Sommeliers Cabernet Wine Glass

red wine glass

Riedel wine glasses celebrate over 260 years of premium quality. Burgundy Grand Cru wine glasses offer an exceptional experience for your Cabernet and Merlot wines. These red wine glasses are individually crafted with lead-free crystal and mouth-blown for incomparable craftsmanship. In addition, the wide bowl of the wine glass allows for deep expansion while directing more liquid to the front palate, which helps you experience all its flavorful aromas. The slightly flared top lip helps to showcase all the appropriate wine undertones, so the acidity stays completely balanced. This red wine glass should have a spot in every wine bar or wine cellar. Wine aficionados will appreciate the superb construction and how it accentuates the flavors of the grape. 

Fusion Infinity Break-Resistant Chardonnay Wine Glasses

For a more delicate wine palette, consider the Fusion Infinity Chardonnay glass for your white wine fans. This break-resistant wine glass is infused with durable magnesium to prevent shattering. The shape enhances the best qualities of a fine wine. Chardonnay wine glasses are taller, directing the more delicate aromas from a Chardonnay or a Pinot Grigio closer to your nose. The elegant yet sturdy construction makes this wine glass a sparkling experience again and again, without dulling or clouding up from use. Fusion white wine glasses can withstand any accidents during dinner or outside on the patio. They are even safe to throw in the dishwasher while you’re cleaning up to save you time when the party is over. 

Glencairn Wide-Bowl Whisky Glasses (Set of 4)

Drinking your favorite whisky from a Glencairn whisky glass is more than a preference; it’s an experience. Glencairn crystal truly makes all the difference when enjoying your favorite whisky brands. Each glass is crafted with a whisky savant’s palate in mind. Not only do Glencairn glasses allow the whisky to open and breathe properly, but the glass also protects the whisky from the heat of your hand. The experts agree that quality craftsmanship directly affects the flavor of the whisky, and keeping it as close to room temperature as possible helps. These whiskey glasses disperse the liquor evenly and generously across your taste buds so that the full flavor envelopes your mouth with every sip. Enjoy your whisky in a whole new way and even give some of your favorite brand’s new life with the Glencairn whisky glass. This is a barware staple for any whisky connoisseur.

The Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle

For those that prefer on the rocks but hate watering down their drinks, the Whiskey Wedge presents the best of both worlds. This whiskey glass comes with a rubber stopper that allows you to freeze water at an angle in the glass. You can pour your favorite whiskey in the other side of the glass, and the ice-wedge will keep your drink cool. This innovative whiskey glass slows the melting process by eliminating the surface area issue that causes ice cubes to melt quickly. It keeps your whiskey cold without watering them down so you can enjoy them as they were meant to taste. Also, this rock whisky glass is the perfect size for liqueurs or short cocktails. Enjoy the full flavor of your spirits without all the excess water that often ruins your favorite concoctions. 

ZENOLOGY Cocktail Coupe Glass

coupe glass

Zenology brings vintage and modern together in a sophisticated and stunning way. The Zenology Cocktail Coupe Glass is a suburb throwback to the classic styles of the 20s and 30s. A high stem on the glass is a nod to the iconic post-prohibition era. The coupe glass is a welcome addition to any speakeasy, bar or flapper-themed event. The bowl holds about nine ounces of liquid, making for a classy cocktail glass. It also is exceptional for wine if you and some friends need a reason to toast.

Riedel Vinum Brandy Snifter (Set of 2)

brandy snifter

The Riedel Vinum brandy snifter is a choice wine glass that brings out the various aromas in your favorite brandies and delivers premium flavor with every glass. Riedel glasses are a prime example of expert craftsmanship. The construction of the snifter glass allows your brandy to open up properly allowing it room to breathe and reach the optimal temperature. The elegant glass shape highlights all the appealing features of your brandy, while the structure of the glass directs to key points on your palate. This means your favorite spirits taste the way they were intended to taste. Once again, Riedel delivers a supreme blend of engineering and design for a snifter glass as innovative as it is chic.

Distinguished Glassware For the Connoisseur

Glassware is a gift that not only says you value someone, but you also respect them. It’s a salute to their exquisite tastes. Not only is it ideal for any special occasion, it truly is a gift that never goes out of fashion. Whether your friends and family have a reason to celebrate or love to entertain, they are sure to treasure the gift of glassware this holiday season.