The Benefits of Each Style of Wine Opener

The Benefits of Each Style of Wine Opener


Just like there are many ways you can skin a cat, there are even more ways you can open a wine bottle. With all the corkscrews that are out there how can you tell which one works the best, and most importantly which will be the easiest to use. This is a different strokes for different folks kind of answer, as they all have different pros and cons to them.

Let’s start with the basic handheld waiter style corkscrew. This is the smallest corkscrew available and is probably what you see used in most restaurants (hence the name waiter style). Traditionalists will stick to this corkscrew for opening their finest bottles, and for good reason. This option will give you most control over the worm and the better ones will go through the cork with extreme ease. These are extremely effective when you have those older bottles whose corks may shred or fall apart upon opening, which is why restaurants that serve fine older wine will always use this style of corkscrew.

The lever style corkscrews have gained popularity due to their sleek design and ease of use. With just two motions the worm inserts itself into the cork and gently pulls it out. There is also a lot of control when using these corkscrews as the handles grips the neck of the bottle securely as the bottle is being opened. There are many different styles of these lever style corkscrews available made in anything from plastic to die cast metal. However if you tend to drink wines that typically use synthetic corks, make sure you are getting one of the more durable options as not all will work with those corks.

The easiest, and maybe the coolest, way to open a bottle of wine is with an electric push button corkscrew. This motorized corkscrew will do all the work for you at the push of a button by removing the cork and releasing it from the worm. Most of them have a blue light so you can see the action and they come in different colors. They do need to be charged so make sure when they are not being used to power them up. These are perfect for those that may not have a lot of hand strength and make wonderful gifts.

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