The Different Types Of Wine Openers

The Different Types Of Wine Openers


Just as wine drinkers prefer different styles of wines, many also have a preference to the style of corkscrew they like to use. Some prefer the traditional method of using a waiter’s style corkscrew as most servers in your favorite restaurants would use. Others enjoy the sleek motion of the lever style or twist corkscrews and those that are looking for the easiest way to open a bottle typically opt for an air pressure driven or electric corkscrew. Take a look below for some more information on each of these different types of wine openers.

Waiter’s Corkscrew. These are the standard tool of choice in restaurants (hence the name) and homes across the world. A handheld device equipped with a main body, worm and blade this is the oldest form of opening a bottle of wine.

Lever Style Corkscrews. Known also as a Rabbit Style Corkscrew, as this was the first on the market, there are two handles that wrap around the neck of the bottle and a lever that connects to the worm. With a simple push and pull open of the lever, the cork is removed from the bottle. They are also available in table mounted options as well.

Electric Wine Corkscrews. With the push of a button these electric corkscrews pull and release the cork – it is that simple. Foil cutters double as the stand and they come with AC charger, great for those with little hand strength.