Best Wine Coolers of 2021 | Wine Enthusiast

Best Wine Coolers of 2021 | Wine Enthusiast

There are a wide range of ways to cool wine. Selecting the right wine cooler or fridge for your home is important. The Wine Enthusiast team has compiled a list of the top options for this year, organized by use case.

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EuroCave Revelation L Wine Cellar

For the veteran collectors amongst us, the EuroCave Revelation L is our go-to. With a 182-bottle capacity, this cellar stands up to the most robust collections. Featuring gorgeous UV-free lighting, A+ energy efficiency, and a five-year warranty, the Revelation L is the perfect combination of style and substance. On top of that, MDS soft-close shelving means that your wines are safe from any vibration and clunky movement.

EuroCave Royale

The EuroCave Royale might just be the granddaddy of them all. This meticulously designed unit offers the best-of-the-best in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It features an autonomous humidity and temperature regulation system, the latest generation in air filtration, and a triple-glazed door to keep any bottle of wine perfectly safe. The unit is as visually impressive as it is functional — available in red earth or mineral gray, the EuroCave Royale is a stunner.


Wine Enthusiast VinoView 155-Bottle Wine Cellar

Designed with the collector in mind, this cellar-style model features the latest in state-of-the-art compressor cooling technology. With a matrix-style display and modern LED lighting, this unit is perfect for showcasing all your favorite bottles. In addition, the VinoView is available in free standing or built-in design, which means it’s suitable for any number of places in your home.

Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler with Upright Bottle Storage

With both upright and lay flat sections, the WIne Enthusiast 24 bottle compressor is designed to fit comfortably anywhere. Featuring a smoked glass door and digital touchscreen, this is an extremely easy unit to use.


EuroCave Premiere L Wine Cellar

The EuroCave Premiere L Cellar is one of our most popular units for good reason. Aside from its modern, sophisticated design, the EuroCave Premiere also boasts an eco-friendly level of energy consumption: 64% lower than comparable models. An intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel with a remote, LED lighting system makes this large-capacity unit equal parts functional and beautiful.

Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler

This dual zone cooler features a large lower area for long-term aging, as well as a smaller upper region for white wine or Rose. This cooler truly offers the best of both worlds. If you don’t need separate zones, you can set both to the same temperature. The bottoms rack even allows you to show off a select few special wines.


Vinotheque Cafe By Wine Enthusiast Undercounter Wine Cellar

With the Vinotheque Cafe, we were able to create the perfect marriage of luxury design and unprecedented quality. Stainless-steel, upscale design makes it a perfect accessory for any beautiful kitchen. This dual-zone unit is small enough to fit perfectly under your kitchen counter, and features the latest in protection against heat, humidity, vibration, and light. Despite its compact size, the Vinotheque Cafe has capacity for 46 bottles of wine.

EuroCave Inspiration S Wine Cellar

The EuroCave Inspiration S is an elegant, versatile, and reliable cooler that fits beautifully under any kitchen countertop. This unit features sliding shelves that accommodate an impressive 30 bottle capacity. Need more space? The Inspiration S is fully customizable, with modular shelving systems, door types, and even cabinet sizes. If you’re a wine lover, there’s a EuroCave Inspiration for you.


EuroCave Professional 5259 Wine Cellar

The EuroCave Professional 5259 is a powerhouse of innovative, professional-level technology. It features a multi-temperature cabinet (41F – 71F), graduated from the top level to the bottom. The EuroCave accurately simulates a natural cellar, creating the perfect conditions for maturing wines. And with 14 sliding shelves for a capacity of 148 bottles, it’s more than enough to handle even the most comprehensive of wine lists.

EuroCave Professional ShowCave Wine Cellar

The Professional ShowCave Wine Cellar is an absolute masterpiece. Not only does it offer the most robust and state-of-the-art wine cooling technology, but the ShowCave is an absolute work of art. With a modular design and 180-bottle capacity, the ShowCave is our pick for the world’s most demanding sommeliers.


Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler

Some areas call for a smaller, more compact cooler. The 18-bottle dual zone model is perfect for such instances. Even though it is compact it still features dual zone cooling and a bottom rack that allows you to display up to 3 bottles.

Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28-Bottle Wine Cellar

The VinoView 28-Bottle model is an impressive little cellar, there’s no doubt about it. This unit is designed with dramatic LED lighting to display your bottles proudly – and keep them safe while doing so. The unit features an adjustable thermostat that can be set from 39 F to 65 F, along with double-pane, UV-proof glass to keep things safe and sound. On top of all that, we’ve equipped this unit with the latest in compressor cooling technology, meaning this VinoView model will last up to twice as long as comparable coolers.

Best Wine & Beverage Center

N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine & Beverage Center

The N’FINITY Pro HDX is your go-to cooler for any type of beverage. It boasts an impressive capacity of 35 bottles of wine, and 90 cans of beer or soda. With a modern, sleek, and polished finish, this beverage center will instantly upgrade any space where it’s installed. Also, the Pro HDX is ETL-approved and uses 25% less energy than similar beverage centers and coolers.

N’FINITY PRO HDX Outdoor Wine and Beverage Center

Having proper outdoor beverage cooling is the key to keeping the party going. The N’finity Pro HDX is a dual shelf system designed to hold up to 18 wine bottles, and over 60 stand cans. This unit can be free standing or mounted into your cabinets.

Best Dual Wine Zone Cooler

N’FINITY LX Dual Zone MAX Wine Cellar (Stainless Steel Door)

Are you looking for a large dual zone wine cellar? The N’finity LX is a great option, holding up to 168 total bottles of wine. The top section supports over 30 bottles, while the bottom section can hold over 130. This wine cooler allows you to select which side you want to place the hinges on and features dual cooling zones.

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar

This medium-capacity, dual zone cellar is perfect for the optimistic, ambitious collector. Dramatic blue LED lights gently present your collection, and sliding shelves make for perfect ease-of-access. The dual-zone thermostat can be adjusted from 41F to 68F, which makes this unit perfect for a budding, diverse collection of wines.

Best Built-In Cooler

N’FINITY S Dual Zone Wine Cellar (Stainless Steel Door)

The N’finity Dual Zone S is designed to store and cool up to 46 bottles of your favorite red or white wine. The stainless steel cooler is split into dual zones, making it easy to cool multiple types of wine.

EuroCave Inspiration XS Wine Cellar

Don’t let the understated, compact design of the EuroCave Inspiration XS fool you – this wine cellar means business. The EuroCave Inspiration comes with everything you need to keep your collection in pristine condition: temperature and humidity regulation, constant air circulation, and UV-proof glass doors. Plans for a growing collection? This modular-style unit is available in three different sizes, with capacities ranging from 17 bottles to 89 bottles.

Best Maximum Capacity Wine Cooler

Vinotheque XL Single Zone Wine Cellar with Steady-Temp ™ Cooling (Stainless Steel Door)

With room for up to 46 standard bottles, the N’finity S is a great option for those seeking the maximum amount of storage in a smaller space. This cooler features beautiful stainless steel doors, and dual zone cooling.

Classic XL 300-Bottle Wine Cellar with VinoView Shelving

When you need to store a lot of wine, in a single cooler, the Classic XL fits the bill. With room for up to 300 bottles the Classic XL uses space very efficiently. The single zone cooling make this model great for bulk storage applications.

Best Side-by-Side Wine Cabinet

EuroCave Pure Double L Wine Cellar

Ultra-sophisticated temperature and humidity controls are presented with a sleek touchscreen interface in the EuroCave Pure Double L. This is the only cooler today that has adjustable humidity, via a built-in hygrometer and lava-rock cassette. Orange, low-heat LEDs make your collection easy-to-see. A main du sommelier (“hand of the sommelier”) shelving system cradles each bottle, just as a restaurant professional would tableside. What’s not to love?

Wine Enthusiast VinoView 310-Bottle Double Wine Cellar

The sleekly designed VinoView 310 features a unique matrix-display for your bottles, beautifully showcasing your favorite bottles. The patented VinoView shelving makes accessing your collection simple, even when the unit is filled to its 310-bottle capacity. An adjustable thermostat provides ideal storage conditions for reds and whites, while also creating optimum serving temperatures for most white wines. With a black trim and sleek glass door, this unit is the image of luxury.

Best Cooler for Garages

Wine Enthusiast Classic 250-Bottle Wine Vault

Designed for extreme environments with sleek style with solid insulated door is engineered to perform efficiently in extreme ambient temperatures of up to 100°F, and allows you to safely store your wine collection in the basement or garage.