Do I Need A Dual Zone or Single Temperature Zone Wine Cooler?

Do I Need A Dual Zone or Single Temperature Zone Wine Cooler?

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated on September 8, 2020 to include even more information on both types of coolers, the differences between them, and recommendations for top products. We hope you find it useful!

There is a big misconception in the wine world that white and red wines should be stored at different temperatures. The fact of the matter is that ALL wine (red, white, sparkling, fortified, etc.) should be stored at between 53-57 degrees F. This allows the wine to evolve and age as the winemaker intended, if it is indeed a wine meant for aging.

 The purpose of a dual, or two temperature, zone unit is to offer an option to keep your whites or possibly your reds at service temperature.

White wines should be served between 45-52 degrees F—depending on the variety—and reds between 58-65 degrees F. The rule of thumb is the lighter the wine, the colder it should be served.  The bigger the wine, the warmer it should be served. Dual Zone coolers allow a section for white wine service, plus an additional section you can use for either storage or red wine service. 

So which style of wine cellar is right for you? It really boils down to this question…are you using your wine cooler for service, storage or both? If it is service or both, then a dual zone unit is right up your alley. But if you plan on using your wine cellar strictly for storage, then the single temp is clearly your best option.

What is a Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator?

A dual-zone wine refrigerator is a unit equipped with two spaces that are independently temperature-controlled. This means that you can store your white and red wines in the same unit, each at their respective ideal serving temperature. 

Dual-zone wine refrigerators are also popular for simultaneously storing and aging wine. Collectors can use one part of the unit for serving, and another for long-term storage. 

What is a Single Zone Wine Refrigerator?

A single-zone wine refrigerator is a unit with only one zone of temperature control. The entire unit is kept at the same temperature. 

Dual Zone vs. Single Temperature Coolers

Dual-zone refrigerators are built to accommodate multiple types of wine. Although all wine should be stored at the same temperature, reds and whites are meant to be served at different temperatures. Dual-zone refrigerators make it easy to serve both types of wine out of the same unit. You can also use a dual-zone unit to store and serve wine at the same time. 

Single-temperature coolers are intended for only one type of wine. If you are serving reds and whites simultaneously, you will need a second unit to serve both types of wine at their ideal temperatures. 

Which Do I Need?

If you have a robust wine collection (or anticipate having one), a dual zone cooler is certainly the ideal choice. Dual-zone units are much more versatile, with the ability to accommodate both red and white wines for serving simultaneously. With a dual-zone cooler, you can also store sparkling wines in the same unit. Users who enjoy hosting wine tastings or who entertain guests regularly will benefit from the added versatility of a dual-zone unit. 

On the other hand, single temperature units offer their own share of benefits. Some casual wine drinkers only enjoy either red or white wines. These collectors won’t have any need for a dual-zone cooler. If you are only interested in reds or whites, a single-temperature cooler will work just fine.

Our Best-Selling Dual Zone Refrigerators

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar

With two cooling zones, the Wine Enthusiast Classic ‘70 is the ideal budget-friendly wine-serving solution. This cooler has a generous, 70-bottle capacity, making it perfect for serving from even the most diverse wine collections.  It also features elegant, modern construction with blue LED lighting that makes it a fantastic showpiece. Tinted, triple pane glass means that this wine cooler offers both optimum performance and robust energy-saving technology. 

N’FINITY LX Dual Zone MAX Wine Cellar

The Dual Zone MAX is one of the most advanced wine refrigerators available today. For especially robust, diverse collections, this unit has a massive storage capacity of 168 bottles. The Dual Zone MAX is also ideal for simultaneously storing wines for aging and serving. This unit is also versatile when it comes to installation — it can be either free-standing or built into a wall, depending on your preference. Combined with its beautiful design and library-quiet operation, the N’FINITY LX Dual Zone MAX is perfectly suited to any room in your home. 

N’FINITY S Dual Zone Wine Cellar

The N’FINITY S Dual Zone Wine Cellar is an elegant, modern solution for storing and serving your favorite wines. Equal parts function and form, the S Dual Zone is as much a showpiece as it is a high-performing cooling unit. With a 46-bottle capacity, the N’FINITY S is ideal for growing collections. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art Embraco compressor cooling technology, and boasts numerous features like handsome wood shelves, modern touchscreen controls, and a stainless steel door. 

Our Best-Selling Single Zone Refrigerators

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

Our own Compressor Wine Cooler might be the perfect solution for your small-but-growing collection! Compact and budget-friendly, this 18-bottle cooler fits easily in busy kitchens and space-conscious home bars. With its compressor-powered cooling technology, this model runs for two times longer than comparable thermoelectric models. That makes this powerful cooler an ideal option for discerning collectors who keep only a small selection of bottles on-hand. Our 18-Bottle Compressor may be small, but it features state-of-the-art cooling technology. And with its elegant touchscreen controls, this model is easy and to use and easy on the eyes.

EuroCave Inspiration S Wine Cellar

The EuroCave Inspiration S Wine Cellar is a beautiful unit that is specially-made to complement any modern kitchen. This elegantly-designed, high-performance wine cooler is available in three different sizes with customizable glass, door, and shelving options. The EuroCave S can store anywhere from 30 to 89 bottles depending on its configuration, making it one of the most customizable wine coolers available today. Because the EuroCave Inspiration is just as much a showpiece as it is a functional appliance, special care has been given to the aesthetics of the unit. Soft amber lights illuminate your bottles, while a backlit touchscreen gives your kitchen a modern, techy flair. This wine cooler is the ideal solution for collectors who are looking to showcase their wine right in the kitchen. 

Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

This wine bottle cooler sits at the intersection of form and function; a true favorite of wine connoisseurs for its style and storage capabilities. Let’s start with the shelving: VinoView allows your wines to display with the labels showing. And with softly dramatic LED lighting, those labels are clearly visible any time, anywhere. The VinoView 28-Bottle model features double pane glass with UV protection and a black glass exterior. Black stainless steel trim is the final, beautiful touch on this must-have wine fridge. But the VinoView 28-Bottle Cooler isn’t just style. It’s built with durable, long-lasting compressor cooling technology. That means the VinoView 28-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler will last twice as long as standard thermoelectric units—giving you double the value.

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