How Difficult Is It To Assemble And Install Wine Racks?

How Difficult Is It To Assemble And Install Wine Racks?


Here is a question that our wine storage consultants get all the time from customers about various wine racks… “How hard is it to assemble and install?” There is really no easy answer to this as the difficultly level varies depending on the type of rack and how handy the individual person is. However there are some guidelines to follow that may help assess if the assembly of a certain rack is within your skill set or may need to be handled by a professional builder/installer/carpenter.

Basic racking such as our modular wine racks, cube stacks, table top racks and wine jails are usually fairly simple to assemble for someone that is moderately handy. They may require a couple of basic tools that sometimes will even come with the rack. They can often be done by one person, although typically if you have two people working on assembling these racks it cuts down the work time considerably. If you are stacking racks higher than about 4 feet you typically want to brace them to a wall for support.

Racks that are components of a particular line of wine racks (like the N’FINITY kit racks) as well as wall hung metal racking (such as VintageView) are a little more difficult to assemble and install. These racks all must be braced to the wall so you will need to locate studs for most of them and will need more intricate tools such as a power drill and possibly a nail gun among others. For these types of racks you would need to be fairly handy to take on the installation yourself or even with another person, as these tend to be real projects. Again, the more racks you have the more intricate the installation becomes.

For custom wine cellar racking we would highly recommend they be installed by a professional builder/installer/trim carpenter. These come fully broken down and require an installation floor plan to be followed. For these types of jobs a nail gun is almost necessary as well as a drill, clamps and other professional tools. If the wine cellar will be a climate controlled cellar you also want to make sure to look at our room preparation guide. If you are unsure of the level of difficulty of a particular wine rack always reach out to a wine storage consultant at 800-356-8466.

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