The Best Charcuterie Boards of 2022

Behind every good wine tasting, there is always a memorable charcuterie board present. One of the most excellent companions of a crisp, white wine or full-bodied red wine is a savory selection of meats and gourmet cheeses. You don’t have to be a flavorist or know wine pairings very well. Just use a few of your deli favorites, as most cured or smoked meats will work well. Pile on the cheese and some crackers, and you have the beginnings of a gourmet grazing tray. It will be the perfect addition to your next wine tasting event or dinner.

marble charcuterie

Acacia Wood and Marble Charcuterie/Grazing Boards

For a stylish and practical accent, try the acacia wood and marble charcuterie board at your next wine-themed get-together. The shape allows the pair of charcuterie boards to be used together to make a larger board or use them both independently. These boards also come with fitted marble inserts for easy clean-up. Don’t worry about balsamic or honey drizzle messing up your wood. Just remove the marble inserts and wash separately from the wooden board. 

These also come in handy for softer cheeses that are not able to sit out as long. Keep the meats and cheeses in the fridge on the marble inserts until the guests arrive to keep the foods fresh for as long as possible. Also, the marble inserts work perfectly for portioning crumbled cheeses, such as bleu or feta, as well as if you are enjoying any spreads like hummus or bruschetta. This way, you can avoid stuck soft cheeses or sauces staining the wood and keep the entire marble and wood charcuterie board looking brand new. Enjoy your board for many wine tastings or dinner parties to come. 

barrelhead charcuterie

Barrelhead Charcuterie and Wine Serving Board with Stemless Glasses

A popular staple with wine and spirit-themed soirees is a touch of rustic décor. If you like the vintage look, bring a barrelhead charcuterie and wine serving board to the gathering. This barrelhead tray provides the hand-crafted/ homemade touch your wine tasting needs. It is perfect for all the wine connoisseurs and bourbon lovers in your life. Hand-crafted from a genuine Kentucky bourbon barrelhead, this charcuterie board is the ideal blend of sophistication and rusticity. 

Complete with four stemless wine glasses, this charcuterie board gives you plenty of room for your meats and cheeses and still can hold the wine bottle. It also comes with a stave stand to display the wine served, keeping with the country-bourbon scheme. This charcuterie board is a classic staple for an outdoor or rural-based gathering. Also, repurpose at a wedding or shower as a personalized serving tray. Whatever the occasion, this wine and cheese board is sure to turn heads when adorned with your favorite charcuterie items or wines.

The Best Cheeses for Charcuterie Boards

best cheese for cheeseboard

Who doesn’t love cheese? No antipasto, fruit tray or charcuterie board can be without it. Most everyone’s favorite cheeses pair with virtually any wine imaginable. When constructing your charcuterie board and wine pairing menus, consider color and texture, as well as flavor.

Be sure you don’t neglect your crackers or cocktail breads. It’s always best to have a soft cheese or dip-like, creamy spread for your guests. Something like a Brie or gouda will do perfectly as these are familiar favorites. Juxtaposed against a harder cheese like Asiago or Parmesan will give your cheese board some depth having different textures present. 

It is also crucial to include a few classics like cheddar or provolone to “fill in” the gaps between the focal points. However, if you wish to showcase your favorites more, try different varieties such as sharp cheddar or even a smoked Gruyère to go against the everyday cheese boards and make a statement. Gorgonzola is another favorite that is sometimes overlooked. It will perfectly complement your smoked meats or fruits without leaving a harsh aftertaste that lingers with your wine.

Best Meats for Charcuterie Boards

best cheese for charcuterie

The main event for your charcuterie set is the meat, and it should make a lasting impression on your guests. Be sure to use bold, smoked meats that pack a flavorful punch. For instance, Calabrese salami has a spicy, full flavor that will excite your guests, not to mention complement your red wines. Prosciutto and Soppressata should also be among the trimmings, as they are a charcuterie board staple. Thinly sliced, these charcuterie meats can sometimes steal the show. A bit sweeter and bolder, these meats go hand-in-hand with fruits, nuts or olives to diversify your board a bit

Genoa salami is also a common choice as it pairs well with lighter wines, like white or rose. When accompanied with a cheese and cracker, your guests are sure to flock to this familiar choice. The garlic notes and peppercorns linger on your tongue a bit and bring out the grape flavors. Capicola will also tie your board together nicely with its clove/ nutmeg essence. It provides more depth to the lighter cheeses and balances out your mild selections.

Best Wood for Charcuterie Boards

Acacia wood cheeseboards

It’s best to opt for a harder, non-porous wood when crafting your own wooden cheese board or wooden charcuterie board. Hard maple, teak or olive are quality options for construction. Even cherry or acacia work well and also offer a very chic aesthetic to your charcuterie spread. 

Consider offsetting the natural wooden look with another material. For example, slate or marble stays with the theme and gives your board some dimension. Plus, a removable section makes cleaning your charcuterie board a breeze, and you can avoid staining or warping your board with oils or harsh vinegars.

Charcuterie Boards Make the Party

Best wine gifts

Whether simple or complex, assembling your charcuterie board will draw a crowd at your next wine-themed event. Look no further than Wine Enthusiast for that unique and fashionable touch for a personalized cheese board or charcuterie board. These make superb wedding or anniversary gifts—also a must-have at your next shower. So, tie in the wonderful flavor of your favorite wines with the elegance of a wood charcuterie board at your next wine tasting. You will not only impress your guests but you will also give them a celebration to remember.