The Best Glasses for Whiskey

The Best Glasses for Whiskey

Science has shown us how varying shapes of wine glasses quantifiably change how a wine can taste, and this science applies to other beverages and spirits as well. The classic whiskey rocks glass, for example, is designed to transfer heat from your hand to the contents of the glass, allow volatile aromatic compounds to concentrate over the top of the glass, and help take your taste buds on an evolving journey as the temperature and compounds shift over time.

Whiskey lovers of every stripe know that their favorite whiskey absolutely has to be poured into and sipped from worthy glassware, and the journey of transforming tastes and aromas are a quintessential part of the whiskey, scotch, or bourbon-imbibing ritual. If you  are in search of the best whiskey glassware – whether it’s Irish whiskey, Kentucky bourbon, or a fine scotch – look no further than these top picks for the best whiskey glasses that are sure to enhance every quaff.

Best Whiskey Glass & Decanter Set

Personalized Amsterdam Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

Personalized Amsterdam Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

Every lover of whiskey must have two items to complete their home bar: a fine bottle of their preferred tipple, and a high-quality whiskey glass and decanter set. This Amsterdam whiskey glass and decanter set is the best option for a personalized gift, with customizable etching on the bottom of the glasses as well as the front of the decanter. Both the glasses and decanter are heavy-weight, lending a touch of class and elegance to any round of casual drinks. This whiskey glass and decanter set is perfect for a newlywed couple, as a congratulatory gift, or simply as a timeless piece to add to any whiskey aficionado’s collection.

Best Premium Whiskey Glass

ZENOLOGY Whiskey Glass Set

ZENOLOGY Whiskey Glass (Set of 2)

Most whiskey glasses stick to a classic, tried-and-true rocks shape with a heavy bottom, allowing heat to transfer from the drinker’s hand to the spirit and evolving the aromas and taste of the whiskey over time. This set of Zenology whiskey glasses offers a whole new, premium experience for the discerning whiskey drinker eager to open that special bottle. These glasses were designed in conjunction with Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Spirits Editor, Kara Newman, and are based off of the best-selling wine glasses. These handcrafted crystal glasses are tulip-shaped, but are wide enough to allow for ice cubes and prevent an over-concentration of alcohol fumes. This stemmed glassware prevents the heat transfer from hand-holding, keeping any premium scotch, bourbon or whiskey at the preferred temperature for each and every savored sip. These are the best whiskey glasses for premium bottles, and will become the go-to glassware for any beverage that deserves an extra touch of elegance.

Best Heavy Tumbler

Norlan Rauk Heavy Tumbler

Norlan Rauk Heavy Tumbler

The distillation of fine spirits like whiskey is a craft, and that level of craft is well matched with this Norlan Rauk Heavy tumbler. This unique whiskey glass is a must-have for any design-loving whiskey drinker. This nonleaded crystal glass is at the apex of digital design and ingenious, cutting-edge production techniques. The surface of this glass, inside and out, is formed by a single machine-pressing of expertly molten crystal in a 5-part mold, resulting in both well-defined geometric shapes and soft curves. This heavy tumbler brings an enjoyable tactile sensation to a good whiskey session, and the internal chevron design enhances muddling – this glass is just begging to be filled with a mint julep! This glass is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch, and will be prized by any whiskey imbiber.

Whiskey Glass for Cigar Smokers

Corkcicle Cigar Glass:

Corkcicle Cigar Glass

This whiskey glass for cigar aficionados is the ultimate in cool, and wouldn’t have been out of place in a scene from Scarface. Part rocks glass, and part cigar rest, this whiskey-sipping vessel is pure genius. Design meets function in a rocks glass that holds up to a 48 gauge cigar and 9 oz of liquid. This glass can also be personalized, and is the quintessential gift item for any man cave (or she-shed!). This glass is sure to spark envy around the poker table. Enjoy a puff of a fine cigar and a smooth sip of whiskey, bourbon or scotch from one hand with this seamlessly designed whiskey glass for cigar smokers.

Best Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Glencairn Wide-Bowl Whisky Glasses

Personalized Glencairn Wide-Bowl Whisky Glasses (Set of 4)

This customizable set of 4 wide-owl whiskey glasses is a must-have for any home bar, but especially for lovers of Canadian whiskey. The glass shape lends itself perfectly to enjoying the true flavors and aromas afforded by a nice bottle, and is also pleasing to behold. These beautiful glasses are made from Glencairn crystal, can be customized with an etched name and initial, and feature a maple leaf on the bottom of the glass. The elegant shape is still wide enough for ice, so plan on these becoming the favorite set of glasses for entertaining or even just a casual movie night at home.

Best Gift Set for Cult Bourbon Fans

Pappy Van Winkle Decanter and Glasses  Set

Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Year Decanter and Glasses 3-Piece Set

Pappy Van Winkle bourbon has a verifiable cult following. It is only fitting that this premium and sought-after whiskey has its very own decanter and glasses gift set. This 3-piece set includes deep-etched, heavyweight glass emblazoned with the Pappy Van Winkle 23-year reserve logo, an ultra-exclusive bottle. Bourbon is not included, but once you’ve been able to procure some of the finest bourbon available, you won’t want to serve it in any other decanter and glassware. This 3-piece decanter and glass set is the ultimate way to honor every sip of coveted Pappy Van Winkle, should you be blessed enough to have some in your liquor cabinet!

Best Whiskey Tasting Sets

Reclaimed Barrel Whiskey Flight Set

Reclaimed Barrel Whiskey Flight Set

The last year of quarantine and social distancing has changed the ways in which we socially drink, and many of us have moved our liquor tasting adventures into the comfort and safety of our own homes. Now that we can once again invite others into our homes to join us in these fun, casual tastings, it’s time to outfit our home bars with fine glassware. This set of whiskey tasting glasses are made from Glencairn crystal, and are housed in a beautiful flight holder made from authentic bourbon barrels. You can customize this flight set as well, bringing an extra touch of elegance to your home tasting experience. This whiskey tasting flight set is at the apex of where rustic design meets class.

Iconic Style Whiskey Glasses

Platinum Whiskey Glasses

Wine Enthusiast Platinum Whiskey Glasses (Set of 2)

These iconic whiskey glasses are the epitome of modern elegance. Hand blown from crystalline glass, these classy whiskey vessels feature a solid bubble base, adding a level of sophistication, are polished to perfection, and then finished with a platinum band for added luxury. These fine glasses take a classic whiskey shape and gussy it up in a way that is certain to level-up your bourbon, scotch, or whiskey drinking session.

Whiskey Glass Set for the World Traveler

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set

Whiskey, scotch and bourbon lovers often have one thing in common: worldliness. Maybe it is the air or masculinity and mystery that surrounds this beverage (for both male and female imbibers), or maybe it is the sense of going against the grain of the typical beer or glass of wine, but whiskey drinkers just seem to have a different level of cultural appreciation about them. This whiskey decanter and glass set is perfect for this kind of whiskey drinker in your life. The decanter is an etched globe set on an angle like the classic desk globe, and the globe-like glasses are also etched with the same world map. This unique and sophisticated glassware would be at home cozied up next to a bookshelf full of titles from around the world, and is the kind of glassware sure to inspire the imbiber with dreams of exploring far-off, mysterious destinations. Clever and inspired, this decanter and whiskey glass set makes an unforgettable gift and home bar collector’s item.

Best Whiskey Set for Space Savers

Three-In-One Stacking Decanter & Whiskey Glasses Set

Wine Enthusiast Three-In-One Stacking Decanter & Whiskey Glasses Set

Some home bars are more like apartment or studio bars, and this whiskey set is the absolute best pick for these space-saving, whiskey-stocked bars. This three-in-one set is stacked, so the decanter and both glasses nest in a flowing and eye-catching design. This elegant set is made from month-blown, lead-free, and durable glass. The sculptural design not only saves space on your bar, but provides an opportunity for a minimalist yet ultra-classy whiskey service. This stackable set is a great gift for the whiskey lover that is just getting started on their home bar and needs to be mindful of space, but still wants to add elegance to any room.

Best Whiskey Set for Golfers

Etched Golf Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

Etched Golf Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

Whiskey lovers are multifaceted individuals. If you or someone on your gift list is a whiskey-loving golfer, this unique, well-crafted decanter and whiskey glass set is destined to become par for the course when “tee time” turns to “time for a tipple.” The decanter and glasses all feature golfers in assorted poses etched by a multilayered sandblasting process. Each piece is handmade, the decanter includes a heavy stopper, and the whiskey glasses are the classic on-the-rocks shape. This whiskey set is a stunning art piece for the golfer’s home bar, is sure to spark admiration from golfing buddies, and will bring smiles to any post-round drinking session.

Bourbon, whiskey, and scotch come in many variations, levels of sophistication, and appeal to a wide variety of imbibers. Wine Enthusiast offers distinctive, functional, and elegant glassware solutions for every stripe of whiskey and whiskey drinker. Proper glassware is quintessential for truly enjoying the individual flavors and aromas of whiskey, and can shift the ways in which we perceive and detect the nuances in every sip. These glassware sets are the best picks for every type of whiskey, and every type of whiskey drinker.