A Guide to Dessert Wine Glasses

A Guide to Dessert Wine Glasses

No bar collection would be complete without the after-dinner glassware. Often the after-dinner drinks can be the most anticipated part of the evening for some, so they can also be the most crucial. Dessert wines are made from grape varietals with higher sugar content, making them worthy of the coveted dessert title. 

Dessert wine glasses come in various shapes and sizes and are typically crafted in a decadent design that will do your favorite blends justice. Each type of dessert wine glass has been brilliantly sculpted to fit the needs of a hearty wine or liquor. You can pull out this glassware for a special occasion or even just for everyday use with friends for a casual gathering. Dessert glassware is unique and tailored towards whichever specific libation you are looking to enjoy. Whether the wine glasses have stems or come stemless, there are countless ways to enjoy your after-dinner drinks. The options can be as numerous as your dessert menu.

When it comes to dessert wines, there are plenty of types available. Brandy, cordials and ice wine are just a few examples of favorite after-dinner wines that you might find on the menu. Each type has its unique flavor profile, so it’s essential to have quality glassware that brings out the best features. The dessert wine glass has uniquely engineered shapes or characteristics to enhance the aromas and flavors of your favorite spirit. For example, port wine glasses are ideal for serving sweet and rich port wines, while champagne glasses are perfect for sparkling dessert wines like Moscato d’Asti or Prosecco.

Riedel Vinum Port Glasses (Set of 2)

port glasses

A port-wine glass is a great way to enjoy a flavorful and full-bodied port. This popular spirit can be served in a Riedel Vinum Port glass, which has been engineered to highlight the unique flavors of complex port wine. The shape of the bowl is uniquely crafted to allow for swirling and should have enough room at the bottom to enable the port to breathe and release the aromas and flavors that have been bottled up. The broad base also helps to keep the port wine from becoming too warm, allowing you to enjoy its flavor profile fully. When port wine is too warm, the alcohol can become overwhelming, and you lose some of those unique port flavors. Keeping your port cool allows it to be enjoyed for an extended period, conserving its authentic essence and allowing this rich wine to showcase its full potential.

Each finely crafted port glass has been designed to bring out the individual port qualities, with a shape that maximizes the sweetness and fruity aromas usually only present when a port is served in a balloon glass. The port glass’ small, slender body and narrow rim deliver the optimal balance of rich fruit bouquet and complex aromas while understating the high alcohol content. This dessert wine glass allows you to appreciate the harmonious blend of flavors and enjoy the delightful finish.

Hand-Blown ZENOLOGY Deluxe 10 oz. Cocktail Coupe Glass

coupe glass

Gaining popularity in the post-prohibition era, Zenology delivers an actual vintage work of art. The Hand-Blown ZENOLOGY Deluxe 10 oz. Cocktail Coupe glass is the perfect vehicle for your smooth Manhattans and classic Sidecars. Even a dessert martini or a cosmopolitan fits conveniently in a coupe cocktail glass. It’s just the right size to enjoy any mixed drink. 

Our Zenology coupe glass is made for the modern cocktail drinker. Mouth-blown in Europe, it delivers more style and function than traditional cocktail glasses or wine glasses. Its tall stem and feather-light feel give it an elegant, old-fashioned look while nodding to a modern audience as well. The broad oversized bowl holds generous pours and lavish garnishes with ample room for your spirit while avoiding spills.

The wide bowl is also a perfect serving vehicle for more solid dessert options. Fill your coupe glass with a liqueur-infused mousse or even a decadent custard to try something new and fascinate your guests at a wine-themed gathering. The clear, spacious bowl will also showcase a trifle or cheesecake nicely. Even dress up ice cream for a unique twist on the classic “sherbet dish.” The possibilities are endless, and the results are sure to win over the crowd.

Riedel Vinum Brandy Snifter (Set of 2)

From the first swirling to the first sip, the Riedel Vinum Brandy Snifter is the perfect glass for enjoying brandy. Its shape concentrates the bouquet and brings out this classic wine’s best aromas and flavors. The wide bowl allows for cupping of the brandy to bring it to temperature, and its exquisite glass brings extra clarity to the rich hues. It adds a touch of luxury to any spirit and ensures an enjoyable drinking experience. More than anything, enjoying brandy is about savoring the bouquet, experiencing the aromas and tasting its palette of decadent flavors. Capture and enjoy the essence of your favorite brandy the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

The Glass Makes All the Difference

No matter the style of your bar or the contents of your shelves, the proper wine and dessert glasses can make your collection complete. Old-time favorites, like the brandy snifter or port glass, still stand the test of time, and those same designs continue today. Our collection of glassware suggestions has you covered from proper stemware for dessert wines or traditional reds and whites. With adequate care and storage, these glasses will last a lifetime in your collection and make some of your favorite spirits most memorable.