Think Of The Cooling Unit As The Heart Of Your Wine Cellar. Without It Your Wine Cellar Is Just A Bunch Of Pretty Racks.

Having the right size and style of cooling unit for your particular wine cellar is crucial in protecting your prized collection. There are units that are self-contained, through the wall, ducted, split and so on. Our Cooling Unit Buying Guide below can help you determine which unit is going to be the right fit for your wine cellar.




If you are planning on cellaring your wine for more than just a couple of years, than a wine cellar cooling unit is really a necessity for your wine cellar. It will help keep the proper climate so your wine can age and reach its maximum potential. The biggest factors that play into the decision of which one to use include size of the cellar, venting options, volume levels, longevity, distance from the wine cellar and of course budget. This guide will help to answer most of your questions but if you are looking for more specific information regarding your particular needs you can always contact a Wine Enthusiast Wine Storage Consultant at 800-377-3330 for an in depth consultation.