There Are Few Things More Personal To A Wine Collector Than Where Their Wine Lives.

For some, the wine racking that lies within the cellar can be as important as the actual collection. From a small 12 bottle kitchen wine rack to a 20,000 bottle showcase custom wine cellar, there are many factors that go into the difficult decision of which wine racks are right for your home. Our Wine Rack Buying Guide below will help to provide some basic information to guide you in the right direction for your particular wine storage needs.




Choosing the proper wine racks for your collection can be as personal as selecting the furniture for your living room or even the car you drive. With options that range from basic table top racks, to larger wood kit racking solution up to designing an elaborate custom wine cellar, there are literally hundreds of factors that can go in to making that decision. This guide will help to answer most of your questions but if you are looking for more specific information regarding your particular needs you can always contact a Wine Enthusiast Wine Storage Consultant at 800-377-3330 for an in depth consultation.