Decanting Wine Can Be A Spiritual Experience To The True Connoisseur.

The process of slowly pouring a special bottle of wine into a beautiful decanter is a treat for all the senses. But with so many different decanter options out there, it may be confusing to determine which ones will work the best and what wines will benefit from decanting. Our Decanter Buying Guide will help to answer some of these age old questions.



There are many different styles of wine decanters as well as various materials used in their production. While some are made of fine crystal and others of simple glass, in the end they all serve the same function which is to allow a wine to open up and breathe. On top of allowing aeration they also can serve as a work of art in your home and some are crafted with that in mind. But whether you are using a decanter for an aesthetic reason or purely for function, it will certainly add to the enjoyment of your wine drinking experience.