The Corkscrew May Be The Most Important Wine Accessory On The Market Because Without It The Wine Is Virtually Inaccessible!

There are dozens of different styles and brands of corkscrews out there differing in size, features, ease of use and quality. This section will help you to decide which particular wine opener/corkscrew is best suited for your particular needs.




All wine openers will do exactly what the name states…open a bottle of wine. The choice of which to use is both a matter of personal preference as well as an intention to have your wine opener displayed as décor. For those that prefer something simple and sleek who like to channel their inner sommelier, a waiter’s corkscrew (or wine key) is desirable. If you are looking to have something out in the open and easy to use than one of our lever style corkscrews, possibly with a stand, may be the way to go. And if you are simply looking for the easiest way to open a bottle with as little effort as possibly, there is no better option than one of our Electric Blue Corkscrews.